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Quality Assurance

                                    At Veeserv Technologies (P) Ltd, quality is our highest priority. From our working environment, to our client's experience with every project, to the final software delivered, our endeavor is to provide quality. The primary objective of Veeserv Technology's QA system is to embed quality into all our processes. Our QA processes are proactive in nature - aimed at identifying problems during software development, rather than identifying them during the verification process and then having to correct them.

                                    We ensure at all points in the process, that the client has visibility into where his project stands - whether requirements have been tested and satisfied, tests have been executed, or defects have been found and resolved.

Veeserv QA Methodology :
                            The QA methodology begins with the requirements gathering phase. This process is carefully managed by a Project Manager and also includes a Business Analyst working closely with the client. Herein; our testing team carefully and thoroughly documents all project requirements, identifying potential risk areas and possible contingency plans.

                           Once project requirements are finalized, we perform systems analysis and create detailed specifications. The QA team maps the requirements document to the specifications, thereby ensuring that all functionality is addressed and that the software we have specified is exactly what the client desires.

                             This is followed by detailed test plans - including use cases and user scenarios; they are created and reviewed by our team as well as by the client. Stringent quality checks are performed by preparing checklists at various phases of the Development Life Cycle.

                             We provide detailed reports as a result of our testing, ensuring all problems and issues are corrected and verified immediately.
QA Tasks and Activities : :

                   We conduct Walkthroughs, Inspections and Reviews as part of Veeserv Technology's QA tasks and activities.

Testing Approaches

                   All testing is done from the point of view of the user. It is aimed at finding and correcting bugs such as incorrect functions, interface problems, and database errors. As a standard practice, we use the black box testing approach

Veeserv QA Process Diagram  :



                    The QA tools used by Veeserv Technology help developers in identifying errors and anomalies during the different phases of the software design life cycle. They include:

  Bugzilla to keep track of bugs that are encountered in any phase
  UML Methodology is used to maintain traceability and to identify if UML standards have been violated
  Code Analysis is used to identify errors like re-declaration and false-syntax in the implementation.
  CVS is used for version control.

                  Our aim is to provide quantifiable and consistent results through automated processes that have been tested over time. Veeserv Technologies quality processes are dynamic and are continually reviewed and aligned with the ever-changing business and technology environment.

                   A resilient Quality Process Model, to which the entire company is fully committed, enables the skilled and quality conscious Veeserv Technology workforce to constantly work towards architecting value through technology for its customers.