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OpenSource Technologies

                                 The open source movement has already rewritten the rules for how software is and will be licensed and used With the number of open source products and projects on the rise, there has been a corresponding exponential increase in the service offerings related with open source software.As a progressive software solutions and services company, Veeserv Technology is a passionate supporter of the open source revolution. Consequently, we now offer open source software development as part of our service offerings.

Open Source Software Customization: We provide customization services for open source software based on your requirements. In addition to selecting the open source project best suited to your needs, we will also customize and upgrade the said software to help you meet your business needs.


Open Source Software Migration: We can help you upgrade from older versions of the open source software to the newer versions. This will enable you to take advantage of the new features and functionality, as available in the latest version.


Open Source Software Implementation: We can provide open source software implementation services that entail the delivery of an entire project plan; starting from project planning all the way to implementation, production and support.


Open Source Software Consulting: We provide open source consulting to provide clients with expert guidance; from assessing needs to helping in successfully implementing the open source solution.

Veeserv Technology also offers the following open source related services:

Detailed analysis of requirements, followed by extensive research to identify the most suitable open source solution.


Evaluation of open source software and applications to understand the product and the underlying code thoroughly.


Identifying further customization requirements in the software application, and subsequently planning integration of multiple open source options, if required.


Thorough testing and QA of the customized and integrated open source applications.


Preparation of simple user-oriented documentation that enables the effective use of the software.


Migration of existing applications and data to the new software, if necessary.


Support services including the modification of functionality and/or further feature addition.

Additionally, we also offer specific services around leading open source products, which includes: