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Ms.Net Technologies

                                    The Microsoft .NET platform is revolutionizing the way applications are being developed for the Internet. Employing open standards and web service protocols, .NET greatly improves the interoperability of systems and eases communication across organizations and platforms. Companies can easily utilize these applications to extract data from customers, suppliers and partners. They also enable them to stay connected to their business partners more efficiently and cost effectively.

                         Veeserv Technology has put in great efforts in procuring training resources and developing best practices for application development using Microsoft’s .NET architecture. Our goal is to use this expertise to enable rapid, error-free application development to solve specific business problems. With the benefit of interoperability and the smooth connectivity of multiple systems and sources of data, .NET-connected software helps businesses deliver unprecedented levels of value to customers, partners and employees. Our .NET services include:

  Application development in .NET framework

  Designing and Programming using .NET

 Development, Support and Enhancement of existing applications in .NET

 Language Expertise: Visual Basic, Visual C++ (ATL), C, C#, VB

 Database Technology: SQL Server and MS Access