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Data Migration

                              Data Migration is a problem of computing an efficient plan for moving data stored on devices in a network from one configuration, or assignment to devices, to another. The data migration process and issues are largely dictated by the platforms and applications involved. To take full advantage of newer technologies and your investment in them, it is necessary to port your older data to such new storage platforms.

                  Veeserv offers database consulting using technologies that solve the challenges of large volume, enterprise data migration. Our database experts enable effective content deployment in a variety of networking environments, employing scheduling, recovery and security processes. Our Data Migration Services help you reduce risks of data loss, ensures data integrity, and enhances quality and performance during the data migration process.

                   To be successful, any Data Migration project must have a Data Quality and enhancement program at its core. Veeserv Technology provides a revolutionary approach to low quality data discovery and cleansing that enables business users to maintain control of the process from planning to implementation.
                   Our solutions delivers the flexibility to solve complex problems and maintain a range of tailored Data Quality solutions to a level of detail not achievable in competing products without resorting to complex low level coding. The manner in which our solutions enable organizations to plan and implement data quality management process dramatically reduces the risks associated with Data Migration projects.

We provide Data Migration services for:

   My SQL
   MS Access
   SQL Server
   Postgre SQL
   Sybase and more